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Sub-Saharan Africa Development Enterprises and Strategy Group

Finance Brokerage

Success and seamless implementation and/or operational efficiency require locally knowledgeable and globally sophisticated professional personnel…..Read More

Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure development has grown exponentially in SADESG,  we bring our clients the exceptional resources and support for there development projects……Read More

General Consulting

We understand the African continent like the people who call it home because for some of us, it is home in every sense of the word….Read More

Development Consulting

we are certain to benefit our clients by building capacity, knowledge and expertise via the partnerships we hold in Africa….Read More


Who We Are ?

In SADESG, we concentrate in: strategic communications, media relations, trade and investment management, government relations, public affairs, crisis communications, image management, and corporate social responsibility.

We are a formidable proponent for our clients in this region because we are able to deploy personnel who are either nationals of or specialists in the countries about which we consult. We practice the highest standards of ethical behavior in all our lines of endeavor.

What We Do?

We assist U.S. multi-national corporations, small and medium sized companies, NGOs and public organizations to achieve exemplary efficiencies in Sub-Saharan Africa through reliable multi-channel connections, well- calibrated strategic deliverable and customized solutions.

We are affiliated with Igbanugo Partners Int’l Law Firm, PLLC, which focuses on two practice areas: U.S. Immigration & Nationality Law and International Trade Law in Sub-Saharan Africa. We are certain in adding value for our clients by building capacity, knowledge and expertise via the partnerships we hold in Africa.