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Development Consulting

SADESG development consulting practice focuses specifically on increasing socio-economic and technical capacity in the emerging markets of SSA. By catalyzing change via the implementation of development solutions to enhance the quality of life among citizens, our development practice aims to create sustainable livelihoods in our countries of operation. Our projects concentrate on economic and social development, wealth creation, anti-corruption, good governance, strengthening legislative and government practices, institutional and public sector reform, and promoting transparency and rule of law.

At SADESG , we are certain to benefit our clients by building capacity, knowledge and expertise via the partnerships we hold in Africa. Our relationships are our strengths. We work alongside the private sector, NGOs and government agencies to develop unique solutions to problems affecting the pace of development in the emerging markets of SSA. Our vast relationships with governments and the private sector, both in the United States and in Africa, provide effective development solutions and value to our clients.

Our private sector areas of endeavor include extractive industries such as energy and mining, national infrastructure, human capacity development, food security, and local financial markets. SADESG projects and programs aim to expand trade, foster technological growth, enhance national agriculture initiatives, build local businesses, and create employment, thereby reducing poverty. Our private sector work focuses on promoting commercial sustainability efforts to expand local economic development.

We believe that by improving domestic markets, encouraging fair competition, promoting entrepreneurship and creating access to global markets, we are able to enhance national commercial growth, adding value to the emerging economies where we operate. SSADE creates adaptive programs to foster viable financial growth, allowing ordinary citizens to build on new opportunities and create economies of opportunity for long-term economic advancement.

Within the spectrum of democractic, good governance, we identify critical issues affecting local citizens and their governments and determine solutions to promote effective governing institutions for all segments of society. Our aim is to empower change by working with national, regional and local governments to meet the needs of its citizens. Through our advisory efforts, we work on institutional reform and the promotion of transparency.

We are highly specialized in anti-corruption initiatives, specifically focused on training in and implementation of governance and compliance mechanisms consistent with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Canada’s Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act, and the UK Anti-Bribery Law. We seek to build capacity through public sector reform and expansion of civil service reform, rule of law, and implementation of effective public financial management systems.