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Infrastructure/Finance Development

In recent years, infrastructure development has grown exponentially in SSA and involves high risks, rewards, countless uncertainties and unknowns. The African Growth and Opportunity Act, the Millennium Development Goals, the African Union (AU) and its economic development vehicle, the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), continue to spearhead this surge.

To successfully execute these transactions, one must often concurrently address a range of complicated issues, especially in multi-jurisdictional projects. Success and seamless implementation and/or operational efficiency require locally knowledgeable and globally sophisticated professional personnel.

The world sees one Africa. We see so much more because we are equipped with clearer eyes. In this complex region, no two countries are the same. Every country has a distinct culture, economy and a unique way of doing things. We deeply understand these disparities because we are motivated to master the dynamics of each local market and community.

We possess the global perspective, regional vision and country-by-country socio-cultural fluency to successfully execute even the most complex SSA transactions.

We offer superior expertise as well as sophisticated operational perspective. Success depends on the ability to navigate what are often complex, highly structured transactions with intricate regulatory schemes and elusive governmental policies in fervently competitive markets.

Our professionals and strategic alliance consultants have successfully handled the planning, development, financing, and operational management of a wide array of infrastructure assets across SSA. We are phenomenally positioned to offer our intercontinental clients brokerage representation on a broad range of infrastructure development projects and transactions in SSA.

Our cultural competency and extraordinary knowledge of the socio-economic and political variables in the emerging free market economies of this region enable our clients to confidently rely on us.

We host a resolute commitment to successfully guide clients through the entire spectrum of infrastructure projects, including: aircraft acquisition/asset finance brokerage; power generation, transmission and distribution; oil and gas transactions including gas pipelines and liquefied natural gas; petrochemicals; private and commercial equipment lease; transportation and logistics; housing and commercial property development; hospitals and medical institutions; and mining and metals projects.

Simply put, we bring our clients the exceptional resources and support they need to be successful in all phases of infrastructure development and financing in SSA. Our unparalleled ability to operate on both sides of the Atlantic places us squarely in a niche to deliver world- class services in SSA consistent with American ethical standards, which is a serious concern for U.S. corporations operating in this region of the world plagued with corruption.